Termites Control

Manu Pest Control provides cost effective and reliable Termite Control in Delhi & NCR. Termites can cause serious structural damage to buildings, crops or plantation forests.Termites live in colonies with several millions of individuals. Please don’t Avoid Termites attack near to you.

What are Termites

The termites commonly found are called subterranean termites because they live underground. Termite colonies are highly organized societies of several hundred thousand to 1 million or more individuals within a loose collection of underground tunnels and chambers. Workers (1/8-inch, creamy white, wingless, segmented body, bead-like antennae) are the most numerous members of the colony. They build and maintain the nest, care for the immature, and forage for food to eat and carry back to the nest. Termite food consists of wood and other cellulose products such as paper and cardboard. Reproductive, i.e., queens and kings, produce the new offspring, while soldiers guard the colony from invasion. Swarmers (3/8-inch, straight-sided, black body, silver wings) are male and female adults that emerge from well-established colonies to attempt to establish new colonies.

Damages Done By Termites

The wood eating habit of these termites make them feed on any type of wooden articles. As they remain concealed to protect themselves from unfavorable climate, it is difficult to detect them until major damage has been done. As soon as they enter a building they do not limit themselves to wood but infest other things made up of cellulose. Termites have a major entry to a building is through soil., but can even be transmitted through  soft plastics, plaster, rubber and sealants such as silicon rubber and acrylics and construction materials. Any material which is in direct contact with the soil such as trees, vines or plumbing fixtures — serves as an avenue of infestation.